Disapointed of dating

disapointed of dating

want to miss out on what feels like the best thing I have ever had the opportunity to have.*gasp* complicated I know. Reply With", 03:19 PM #8, muddypeat is still way better. I agree with Den Abn, but I even warned before he was released that this can turn their entire game. If this will be the way the game is going, I also will be leaving the game.

disapointed of dating

Cinda sucks how they ended it right?
N8 r8s ur l8 b8 8/8 its gr8 i want to celebr8 but I can't.

Came out as I expect and I'm very satisfied with. I predict another game that goes down the drain. Anytime we plan on going out, he has to work late, or he gets sick, but I always end up seeing him later when I am not expecting. Reply With", 06:15 PM #9, originally Posted by, den Abn yeah i agreed it OP (but i think i still abit weaker than muddy) So it is an exclusive mutant, which mean it harder to collect or maybe it uncollectable?(this never happen before) they want. We talked about moving in together, well me him and my best friend bubblyvixen.

Reply With", 11:43 PM #11 Originally Posted by Brandon Charles Doesn't sound like you like the game very much Faugn! Wishing things would be able to move forward, I am so crazy about him but because of the circumstances (I am just getting divorced and his ex girlfriend is still staying at his a different room of course) we are kind of at a stand. (sr for bad english) im kinda disapointed of what they are doing now. Judging by the length and duration of the nerf Muddypeat thread I think it is safe to say some players will never be satisfied with new mutants being better then the previous OP mutants of the arena as long as they do not have them. Reply With", 04:06 AM #4, the issue is how can an F2P player counter a muddypeat, noreen, brittany team? We never actually successfully make plans, but we have had some random encounters, well not really random, I guess I mean spontaneous. With that said things are going good, minus the ex bitch, for me and my not boyfriend. But both equally OP and completly ruin the game. I fucking hate EX-girlfriends! And abit disapointed about u brandon.